Hej! čao! Zdravo!


If we haven't met before, I'm D, the Freedom Architect ... freedom as the highest value in terms of being free and being ME. Hence, greeting in four languages that I use daily to communicate with my clients, my three daughters and all amazing people worldwide I get to connect. 


That's one of my Uniqueness that sets me apart from other coaches ... #multilingual multipassionista. 


My days are puzzling being a mom of two toddlers + an ADHD teen and helping Online Experts to launch and scale their businesses by unapologetically pursuing their big dreams.  


A small-town girl from Ljubljana, born to Bosnian parents, moved to big Cosmopolitan city Stockholm, Sweden, in 2013 when my life after 30 took a big downhill, and I hit absolute rock bottom.


When I left my "Dream Job" as an HR specialist at home University in Ljubljana, where I was finishing postgraduate studies in Management and Leadership and moved to Sweden, all I had was a nudge and voice that was telling me: You are meant for more. 


I moved to Sweden for the Erasmus exchange postgraduate program at Stockholm University, while I was on maternity leave with a month old baby Lisa and 5-year-old Ella at that time. Call me crazy moving countries with small kids while studying. I love to see myself as fearless in the pursuit of my dreams. #UNSTOPPABLE


Curious to know how #shitstorytoglory continues

Giulio Ayrton Gonnelli, 

Yogic Entrepreneurial coach, Italy

Dijana is a pure diamond of inspiration when it comes to pivoting around the challenges of entrepreneurship, family life and personal growth. I could experience her graceful power, sweetness and fun in everything she selflessly did for me as a coach, mentor and good friend. Surely a rare species of butterfly, always making sure other butterflies soar and thrive, as it happened for me. I now can fly on my own online, with my family and as a better person.


As a migrant daughter, I heard the words: You can't speak the language, so many times, I eventually started to believe that I just can’t speak.


All my childhood fears and limiting beliefs came back to the surface when I got rejected 2800 times, searching for jobs in Sweden. I called one of the HR people for the job, I was applying and her response still makes me sick in my stomach: “You are overqualified with tons of experience but you don’t speak the language.” 


With two small kids and jobless hubby, I had to put my big girl pants on and do whatever it takes to SURVIVE! I ended up cleaning toilets while studying Swedish.


During that one year of cleaning, I lost my mojo and purpose … but somewhere along the path to hell, I found my savour. In 2015 I met Anna, who became my mentor and now one of my good friends, who got me back to the track to follow my calling. 


I still remember the day when I resigned from my soul-sucking job and became a Network Marketer under Anna’s mentorship. Fun Fact: Two weeks after I resigned, I landed a job as a Language teacher … That’s where my journey as an educator started. 


Today, I speak 7 languages, I have worked with clients from 23+ countries and I am obsessed with the language of love and gratitude.


Note to self: turn your hurdles into your superpowers. 

Jennie Larsen, 

Marketing Strategist, USA

As a mother and entrepreneur, Dijana's personal story of trials, failures and triumphs hit directly to the centre of what we all fear, "Will I have what it takes when it matters most?" Her strength as a woman, mother, migrant and entrepreneur inspires us to know that not only we WILL have what it takes, but that we ALWAYS did. She is a powerhouse woman wrapped in a heart of gold.

My Shit story to Glory … how this Cleaner became a Global Changemaker?


After quitting my cleaning job and working as a part-time teacher and network marketer, I discovered another layer of Meant For more. In 2017 I discovered the world of coaching and online marketing. This online business world scared the heck out of me. You see, I am the most extroverted extrovert you’ll ever find but I quickly became obsessed with all things tech, funnels, systems and online education. 


Today, I am extremely grateful to work alongside Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's team to advocate for the next level in self-education. Ever since I started my coaching, I invested heavily in coaches, mentors, programs.


I am humbled and proud to learn from the most amazing brains in the world as Mindvalley ambassador and Senior Ambassador for Evercoach by Mindvalley.   


But you and I know, that big things don’t happen without few bumps on the road and definitely not by accident. I had my share of breakdowns and breakthroughs, which I am gonna leave for some other time. If you are ready to dive into the Fearless and Successful world of coach D and listen to inspiring interviews, including my mentors, I suggest diving into my podcast here.


Priscilla Cubo, 

Wellness Coach, Sweden

Dijana is a passionate mum entrepreneur who has been supporting me in the process of building my business. I am sure she knows so well how to guide me because she has already been there, and she gives the best advice with all her heart, sharing everything she knows. She is an amazing professional and person. Dijana, I am so thankful to you for supporting me to build my dream business! I love you!


If you came so far, we are besties by now and I will spill some more tea. I am a healed #coursejunkie turned #implementator.


In 2018 when I launched my first Online program I dealt with burnout, abortion and my father's heart attack ... adding heartbreak and near divorce, I had to change how I DO business. All that led to re-visiting my values and changing from DOing to BEing. This is when I went from Burnout High-achiever to Flow Manifestor. 


As most of you landing on this corner of the internet, I adore learning and I believe when you stop learning, you stop growing … well, without growing, you’re dying. On a death note, I will probably die with some cool book in my hands or whatever crazy tech tool invented in 2082. You can check my Top BizTools and Resources here.


Anyway, my friend, I am happy you landed here and If you are anything like me you are obsessed with taking action …. Inspired Aligned action. I get that not everyone is like me, crazy energetic fireball but when you give the energy, you receive it. If you wanna unlock your true potential, this is your call to action! 


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In 2014, I was cleaning toilets and listened to Tony Robbins on YouTube and walking around like a zombie. No purpose, no energy. 


Today, I get to serve hundreds of thousands of people alongside Dean & Tony. My purpose and biggest intention are to serve with love and inspire you to Dream Big, Plan for Success and Impact the World.  


If you are ready, my Fearless Action taker, find your favourite way to get a bit of extraordinary D's energy! 




“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”- Bill Gates