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All-In-One Marketing

My Number One tool to optimisation, automation and marketing. I built my entire Online Business on Kajabi, including Membership, Multiple programs, Website, Blog, Online Community, Podcast Hosting - ALL IN ONE! 

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Scale with Team

The struggle to find motivated but affordable marketing help is real. Acadium saved me many sleepless nights by providing marketing help for a good bargain! You get to work with 1 marketing apprentice for 10 hours a week for 3 months. The membership fee is affordable and with my referral link, you will save an extra $50.

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Livestream Platform

My Go-To platform when it comes to Livestreaming and doing masterclasses in my FB groups. Its fun, easy and most of all - your audience will love it.

After doing more than 500+ Livestreams I can say that BeLive is the best streaming platform and they have upgraded so much in past 3 years. 

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Biz Template Babe

All-In-One Design Lab. SAVE TIME and MONEY with these beauties! No more DESIGN overwhelm!

With BTB you have everything and beyond to make your Online Business and your Brand effortless and impactful. If you can't afford a team, downsize your time with templates!


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Monthly Curated Lifestyle photos and Captions

For those times you’re staring at a blank screen wondering what to post, Social Curator comes to the rescue.

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Instagram Planner

My Favorite Tool when it comes to editing, managing and scheduling posts and stories on IG. You can edit and schedule in one app!

Plan, Schedule and manage IG posts and stories


Project Next

Watch Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi when they explain exactly why YOU and your knowledge is required and how you can turn your passions into profit. 

The “Self-education Revolution” that Tony and Dean created has become a proven blueprint for methodically extracting the knowledge and experiences you have, sharing them with others who need it, impacting lives and (if properly implemented) allowing NEXT LEVEL success and abundance.

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AppSumo | #1 software deal site for entrepreneurs

You're going to love AppSumo! You can stop paying monthly for software by using AppSumo and getting the best deals on tools to help you and your business grow. Here's $10 to get started. You can thank me later :)

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