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Success & Business Coach | Serial Entrepreneur Podcaster & Speaker | 3C Addict and 3X Mama.

I coach female entrepreneurs who are ready to Create more money by BEing more and DOing less, through simple launch and s(c)ale strategies.

I support my clients through step-by-step processes to get exactly what they want by unlocking their potential so that they can focus on giving their best and outsourcing the rest.

When I’m not coaching and dancing with my 3 daughters, I’m Speaking, Interviewing Fearless people around the world and Impacting Women to BE, DO and HAVE whatever they desire.

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D! Success & Business Coach | Podcaster & Speaker | 3C Addict and 3X Mama.

I am obsessed with chaichocolate and chat, so when you meet me online make sure to bring your goodies.

I coach female entrepreneurs who are ready to Create more money by BEing more and DOing less, through simple launch and s(c)ale strategies.

I support my clients through step-by-step processes to get exactly what they want by unlocking their potential so that they can focus on giving their best and outsourcing the rest.

When I’m not coaching and dancing with my 3 daughters, I’m Speaking, Interviewing Fearless people around the world and Impacting Women to BE, DO and HAVE whatever they desire.

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Dean Graziosi
Celine Girard

Celine Girard,

Health Coach, France

Dijana has been my very first business coach, her coaching program is the first investment I made in myself and probably the best because without her, I wouldn't have started anything and I wouldn't have believed I can do it.

Dijana's fearlessness challenged me at the biggest level, she always had next level assignments for me to reach my full potential. She taught me to go full-on. Her mama instincts reassured me when I was in doubt or in fear about my capabilities, about my worthiness. Her genius brain opened a world of infinite possibilities, she walked with me all the way from "who I am?" to "I have a business up and running".

Dijana is dedicated to her client's success, she ALWAYS over-delivers, she is constantly working on improving and learning new skills as well as creating. She is such a creator, I don't think there anything in the online world that Dijana didn't create in her business. As the world is changing, Dijana is reinventing herself and always staying true to her mission.

She got vulnerable publicly which was a statement of her truth, her authenticity and her willingness to impact the world. She is an example to her tribe by walking her talk every day and all the way from France, I look up to her for the dedicated work she does as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher, as a coach, as a volunteer. She is more than a coach, she a mentor.

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DIY & DWY Courses


This is suitable for you if you have an idea and you wanna Launch your Online business. 

I come in as your Online Launch Educator.

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Deep Dive session


2 hour deep dive Strategy with me to map out your launch and create a 90-day Money Game Plan.

I'm your Business Growth Strategist. 

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Align & Scale Mastermind


A 6-month intimate Mastermind for female entrepreneurs scaling to 6 figures or more and desire to make more impact and income by being more and doing less. More purpose, more productivity, more profit.

I co-create with you and help you accelerate your business as your Business Mentor.

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Celine Girard

Natasha Bazilevych, 

International Speaker, Trainer & Public Speaking Coach, Ukraine

Dijana literally changed my life. I'm not exaggerating. After working with her as a business strategist I was able to find my niche, identify my audience, clarify my purpose, message, and path. Thanks to her, I was able to scale my business and see the best financial year so far.

I am excited 

you are here

Here are 11 quick facts that will allow us to go deeper and become online buddies. Or you will discover that I am not your cup of tea ...  

I am Multipassionista and:

Life Lover ... In my almost fourth decade of BEING, I became unapologetic about self-love and putting the oxygen mask first on myself even when I am not on the plane. #selflove is not selfish! 

3x Mama - I am a proud mama of three beautiful girls and they are my biggest WHY and my life teachers. 

3C Addict ... Chai, Chocolate and Chat are real addiction.

Multilingual Global Citizen ... Dual Citizen, born in Slovenia to Bosnian parents, currently living in Sweden. 

Speaker & Podcaster ... my biggest dream is to interview Oprah on my podcast and to speak on a stage with Mel Robbins. 

Dancer ... big Zumba advocate and recently #shuffle student. 

Personal Growth junkie ... If you are not - that's your exit ticket!

Serial Entrepreneur ... started first business at age of 21 and went from fashion retail, food stand, network marketing to online coaching industry.

Flow and Fun gangsta ... I went from Burnout Overachiever to Flow Manifestor. I live by the simple rule: If ain't fun, don't do it. 

Quote lover ... Big Time!

Personality tests geek:  ENFJ, 7 on Enneagram, Sapphire, Influencer on StrenghtFinder


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