The Fearless and Successful Podcast by Dijana Llugolli

The Fearless and Successful Podcast by Dijana Llugolli

Hosted by: Dijana Llugolli

Fearless and Successful Podcast is a podcast brought to you by Coach D, and it is designed for changemakers just like you. We will have so much fun throughout this podcast with daily kicks of inspiration and Expert...


Episode #40: Amruta Ram - Cultivate a community and grow your biz mindfully as a mom

Season #2 Episode #40

Amruta Ram is a women empowerment coach & founder of Mumma Diaries. She is also a community nurturer of 40K+ group of parents. She is passionate about equipping mothers with tools & resources to bring in more...
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Episode #39: How Being an Underdog is a Blessing

Season #2 Episode #39

Have you ever been told that you can't make it! This is your show to discover that you can achieve anything you desire if you turn your 'under' into win. I have been underestimated, underappreciated,...
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Episode #38: Tamara Mihalic - Awakening feminine essence

Season #2 Episode #38

In this episode, I was touched by a goddess ... If you are anything like me, you are all about doing and planning (well, I have a lot of masculine energy) and Tamara Mihalic is quite the opposite. She is an author of...
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Episode #37: Work Hard Play Hard? The biggest trap of entrepreneurship!

Season #2 Episode #37

In this episode, I am talking about something that is still relatively new to me. New because I have been an entrepreneur for 16 years now and watching my dad hustling as a business owner didn't do me a lot of favor....
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Episode #36: Lola Picket - From Highly Sensitive to Highly Successful

Season #2 Episode #36

In this episode, I talk with my BBD (Business By Design) buddy and this was so far my best interview eveeeer. And you will hear exactly why.  Lola Pickett from / EMPATH*ology talks about how to thrive...
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Episode #35: Polya Rosin - Key to happiness is in relationships

Season #2 Episode #35

This is a Special Birthday episode where I want to give a Shoutout and a big congrats to my good friend, student, partner and simply amazing woman Polya Rosin. Happy Birthday. Polya Rosin is the go-to relationship...
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Episode #34: Brand DNA

Season #2 Episode #34

In this episode, I am bringing you a live session with my mastermind buddy Alisa Krayeva who is a Business Mentor and Message Strategist for recovering workaholics who want to leave the hustle behind and start falling...
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Episode #33: Passionate life within

Season #2 Episode #33

We have a comeback guest/host. Catherine B. Roy and I connected just a few months ago and she has inspired me so much. I am excited to bring this show to you, where Catherine has interviewed me LIVE in her LHM...
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Episode #32: Chelsea Brown - Parents & Kids connected through digital playground

Season #2 Episode #32

In this episode, I talk with my BBD (Business By Design) buddy and I had so many AHA-moments. 3 important lessons that we touched, when it comes to creating a safe playground for our cyber kids are: 1. Our Kids want...
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Episode #31: Why consistency is important for online business owners?

Season #2 Episode #31

In this episode, I talk about Consistency. _____________________________________ Last but not least, message from your host Dijana Llugolli If you loved this show, please follow, share and leave a comment, your...
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Episode #30: Mikko Jarrah - Failure is imperative on your way to success.

Season #2 Episode #30

We have our first male on our fearless podcast. In this episode, I interviewed one of the Global leaders and Mikko Jarrah, who creates impact and changes lives.    He has been a serial entrepreneur that has gone from...
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Episode #29: Building Engagement

Season #2 Episode #29

In this episode, I did a double Livestream on my FB page and Instagram and it was so out of my comfort zone and actually the first and last time I did it and my 12 year old daughter bombarded my Instagram live and...
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