The Fearless and Successful Podcast by Dijana Llugolli

The Fearless and Successful Podcast by Dijana Llugolli

Hosted by: Dijana Llugolli

Fearless and Successful Podcast is a podcast brought to you by Coach D, and it is designed for changemakers just like you. We will have so much fun throughout this podcast with daily kicks of inspiration and Expert...


Eric Brundidge: Turn your skills into your dream job

Season #4 Episode #34

The Life X Times of Eric is a podcast that is built on giving you actionable tips each episode you can execute daily to improve your life, mindset, and acquire your goals. We discuss how you can use your job &...
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James Wedmore: From Insecure To 8-Figure Digital CEO

Season #4 Episode #33

In this episode, I had a very deep conversation with my mentor James Wedmore. This episode brought a lot of insights and breakthroughs ... and a lot of emotional shifts. Yes, James helped me to get from burnout...
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Leah M Forney: Turning your pain into purpose

Season #4 Episode #32

This conversation was so raw, real and it left me so grateful and blessed for the life and especially for this particular guest giving us so much wisdom.   Leah M Forney is 7x published author, writing coach and...
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D & Nat - DNA Team takes you to Project Next

Season #4 Episode #31

In this LIVE episode, Me and Nat did LIVE and shared everything about Project Next and revealed our SPECIAL BONUS PACKAGE worth $2250 at no additional cost for you.   You can join Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's...
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Paul Claxton: Advancing society forward

Season #4 Episode #30

In this episode, I hosted a young wise multidimensional human, Paul Claxton. "This is what Paul says about himself: My goal is to accomplish that statement and pay it forward to the world through my business...
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Enetra, Mila, Nat & D: Own Your Future with Fantastic Four

Season #4 Episode #29

Hundreds of thousands of regular people living normal lives will learn for FREE how to discover a new path for success. One that doesn’t require a degree, years of experience or a “1 in a million” idea. And we want...
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Alicia Butler Pierre: The #1 reason successful businesses fail

Season #4 Episode #28

Today we talk all about Analysis paralysis. Beware of "metric mania," "The Peter Principle," and "Shiny Object Syndrome." All three can lead to analysis paralysis.  Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder and CEO of...
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Roshni Baronia: Do less to Grow more

Season #4 Episode #27

Roshni Baronia is a certified Strategic Sales expert and Host of Ace the Sales Podcast. She helps busy business owners break through their income ceiling without adding any new marketing, tech, team, or stress to...
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Sumeena Gupta: Power of ONE

Season #4 Episode #26

Sumeena Gupta knows she’s here to disrupt what’s expected of womxn. By mentoring Womxn to build a business that gives them a life of freedom, impact and wealth, She’s changing the narrative and helping women live life...
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Katherine Pomerantz: Without Money You Limit Your Impact

Season #4 Episode #25

In this episode, I interview one of my fellow program buddies, Katherine Pomerantz. Katherine Denton Pomerantz, an actress turned accountant, has capitalized on her artistic background to create the Chaos Money...
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Daniel Mangena: Aligning to success and abundance

Season #4 Episode #24

Daniel Mangena is a Forbes Featured International speaker, Wall Street Journal featured "Master of Success” & 2x Best Selling Author.  After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing what can only...
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Victoria Rothe: Own Your Voice, Make Your Impact

Season #4 Episode #23

Victoria Rothe is a mother, podcast host of Entrepreneurial Leader Podcast and communications coach. "I believe that when you own your voice you can make your impact on the world. I am passionate about guiding leaders...
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