Keri Faith Knudson and Enetra Eyraud: Live Your Dreams Intentionally

Season #5

I am so thrilled for this episode where I had so much fun and very raw, intentional conversations with my favourite humans in the online space.

Keri Faith Knudtson & Enetra Eyraud are part of my #rideordie crew and we have been supporting Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's communities together for the past 2 years or so. On this journey of personal growth and embarking into the knowledge industry, we didn't just become friends, partners, mentors, clients, teachers but also sisters to each other.

I am so blessed to have these two amazing humans in my circle, so I am inviting you with so much honour to join us in this LIVE conversation where we talk all things LIving Your Dreams Intentionally.

If you are a Midlife Woman and you need motivation, join them for a FREE 3-day Masterclass Series where you’ll discover tools and techniques for dreaming again with INTENTION. Your guides, Keri and Enetra, will help you build a BIGGER vision to propel you forward. They will also create a roadmap to get you there; quicker and easier with courage, commitment, and within a community. This event is where fellow midlifers come together to share, connect and discover tools & techniques on how to live life with INTENTION, how to dream for yourself again, and create a map for living a bright future so you never lose yourself or your vision again.

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