Jamie Gulino Davis: Sales Conversation with Confidence

Season #4 Episode #35

I am just soooooooo excited to share this conversation with you and I truly encourage you to listen without distractions, take notes and most important APPLY these things because they freaking work. My promise to you is that after listening to this episode and implementing things that my guest teaches, you will feel confident and excited about sales. 

My guest is one of my mentors, Jamie Gulino Davis that I had a great honour and privilege to work with during a seven-figure launch as part of her sales team and she's also my promotion coach and brain behind my six-month Align & Scale Mastermind (you can check and apply here at dijanallugolli.com)

Jamie Gulino Davis is an Intuitive Sales Strategist in the coaching industry. A powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and fiercely positive energy. She brings a wealth of valuable teaching in the areas of high ticket offer conversions, team development, leadership, relationship building, and strategic thinking. Before joining the coaching industry, Jamie’s experience included more than a decade in the top ten percent of Realtors in the Buffalo-Niagara region where she also held the record for dollar volume and units sold at her brokerage four separate years. Since her entry into coaching, she has brought in more than one million dollars in evergreen sales for a personal development company in one year, curated a sales team that converted at sixty percent during a seven-figure launch, and also specializes in live event sales strategy. 

We talked about:

1. How to be more confident on the call and not show that I'm nervous to sell? 

2. How to balance the serving and selling on the call? 

3. How do I close the gap between where they are and how my program can help them? 

4. How to give better structure and delivering value in a timely manner (my calls always go over the time)! 

5. How do I deal with objections so it doesn't feel I'm pushing them or being too salesy?

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Love + Gratitude


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