Penny Casselman: Celebrate the FLAWSOME

Season #4 Episode #39

In this episode, I have my friend Penny Casselman coming to the show and sharing her FLAWSOMNESS. Accepting your FLAWS and BE AWESOME = flawsome

She shared her Wake-up moment from quitting her corporate and how she set a date and said: There has got to be more! 

She then shared how she conquered breast cancer and through many challenges kept being optimistic and believing in herself.

Tomorrow is not given and there are 3 things that are certain: Death, taxes and Change.

Her 3G values (you have to listen to find out what they are) moved her forward.   

Penny is a mindset expert, coach, and author of the book “How to Get a Free Boob Job.” She’s funny, sincere, and loves discussing topics related to cultivating confidence, personal productivity, and planful celebrations.

When she’s not coaching and helping women create their recipe for a delicious, delightful, and decadent life, you’ll find her planning her next DIY project and gathering ingredients to shake and savour her favourite craft cocktail.


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