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3 Month Private Coaching and Mentorship

12 Week package includes coaching, mentoring and other technical support determined with extra signed agreement. 

What People Are Saying:

First contact with Dijana was in her Fearless and Successful fb group on her Social Media Challenge. It was free, but she gave so much information about social media I didn't know before. It is about apps that you can use e.g. to schedule posts and a lot of tips and tricks that make you more visible on - line. In addition, you achieve as a result saving your precious time, by being productive. That was only the beginning. Recently I followed Dijana's 1o1 P2P 5 day Intensive Course. That was the most valuable business course I have followed. Please, do not look around wasting your precious time, this girl, Dijana, knows stuff!!! If you are serious in turning your passion into profit or learning how to be more productive in your on - line business, Dijana wil show you how! The course was very intensive, but I got so much knowledge, value and real examples. Immediately after first day I felt I am moving forward. Did I strech myself completely and went out of my comfort zone? Yes! But Dijana's coaching style made that feel easier. It was about narrowing down my niche and creating picture of my ideal client. It was scary, but felt good because of Dijana's supportive energy. Since then I have her words on my mind every day: If you want to serve everyone, you will end up serving no one. This was an eye - opener for me and my biggest take away. The second best set of things is the knowledge and tips on apps, platforms and automation services that I can use to set up and improve my business by being more productive in less time. Now I feel I have both knowledge and confidence to apply online technologies to my on-line business. Major win from this experience is actually meeting and working with Dijana herself. This fearless queen is competent coach, source of knowledge and pure energy. She delivers so much value by sharing her own examples of success, she is opening the doors to her strategy, shows you precious apps and platforms that you can use to be successful as well. Lady D is a real gem. She is open, fun, but kick ass coach as well. She walks her talk! She gives you knowledge and value, but is also your cheerleader and support. An absolutely amazing person!

Aleksandra Gvozdenovic, Psychologist and life coach

Before this course, I was struggling with structure, how to start my FB presence, how to build my email database, how to create content/freebies, newsletters and I wasn't clear who my ideal client is. The program leads you to step by step towards your success. The whole program gives you exact instruction what actions you need to take in order to build your online business. I have so much new information and new knowledge, step by step actions that will help me save time and create the business my heart always desired. I gained so much confidence and motivation that I feel unstoppable. I would recommend this course and D's coaching to other entrepreneurial women at any time. Keep the good work, the world is a better place because of you, my lady D. You are an amazing person, you inspire, give support and believe in each person. This is what every human on this planet needs! Lady D - an amazing lady that is totally free and with whom you want to be if you struggle in any area of your life.

Mojca Korelc - Life Intuitive Coach

Before Passion 2 Profit Course my business took its own course and grew slowly every day but I felt I have lost focus. This course helped me to understand and implement Email marketing and e-mail sequence which has been on my TO-DO list for a long time. It also helped me to niche my market. I have clarity in my ideas and My Ideal Client's needs. Crucial for scaling my business and what I have learned was all around niching and identifying my ideal client, Email marketing and e-mail sequence, market research and how to analyze information from my ideal clients. I absolutely recommend this course and D's Coaching to other Female Entrepreneurs.

Manuela Kamikovski - Psychologist, Family psychotherapist, child-centered play therapist and a Blogger "Brave Mom"